About WeatherSage

Mother Nature’s code has been broken.  WeatherSage is a site dedicated to expanding and popularizing the study of Long-Range Weather Forecasting, also known as Astrometeorology. Here you will find the information and many of the tools to further your interest in the subject.  

The study of weather began long ago with early man who searched the skies for clues. A good deal of weather information from the old Sages has been compiled by astrometeorologists in the 20th Century.   WeatherSage offers the information from the past up to the present time and intends to add more in order to preserve what is known about long range weather forecasting.

WeatherSage forecasts and teachings are successful as we teach, learn and improve our system.  The work of 20th Century astrometeorologists is captured on my teaching CDs, a self-study course. WeatherSage offers an email list and a facebook page.  Long-Range Forecasting does indeed have a future – its usefulness will continue to spread as more and more individuals take up the study, preservation and promotion of the subject.  

Biography and Background – Carolyn Egan

Carolyn has been an astrologer since 1984 covering the standard teachings in depth.  What began as a search into the future to find the next hurricane the little state of Rhode Island would experience, she began a journey from an initial introduction to the specialty subject of astrometeorology and advanced to teaching internationally via the internet  with students from Rhode Island, to Moscow, to Australia and back.

Since 1994, Carolyn has expanded her weather work to include an original on-line course in 1998, the WeatherSage website in 2000, national and international lectures and presentations.  Currently, a multi media set of CDs is available through a retailer, Astrolabe, Inc as well as a mailing list and facebook page where like-minded people around the globe have gathered to discuss long-range weather forecasting.

It is her intention to bring awareness and exposure to the general public through the website.  WeatherSage will help to provide a weather resource unlike anything else on the internet.

Carolyn Egan, September 12, 2013


3 comments on “About

  1. Do you have a forecast for summer 2014? Your winter and spring were right on! Wonderful plan ahead information… I am working on a boat this summer and would love to see your forecast!

  2. Thanks. I have a first draft of New England weather. I hope to finish the full report before the start of summer.

  3. How do we find the forecasts for New England? I’ve searched allover the site and can’t seem to find it.

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